Specialists are covenfolk that aren’t general laborers. You can have Companions act as them, hire them outright, or purchase them with Covenant points. Some of them are expensive but they have some pretty nice benefits.

I’m doing this from memory; apologies for any corrections that end up being needed.

Agents aren’t really specialists but this seemed like a good place to mention them. An Agent is someone who does stuff on your magi’s behalf. Usually you have some sort of relationship that defines why they’re working for you; maybe they’re a relative, maybe you’re blackmailing them. The usual use of an agent is “go out and find X for me” but you can ask them to do anything a non-Gifted person could reasonably accomplish.

Doctors, in addition to being useful for healing wounds and diseases, can recommend a regimen to improve Living Conditions modifiers. This can get really expensive! Doctors can also benefit from the assistance of an Apothecary and Chirugeon.

Scribes are great. They copy books. They might not be very good at reading the books, so sometimes they make mistakes, but man… free books. Well, you have to pay the scribe. And for the book materials. It’s not really free at all I guess. Also, most books are sold with a “Cow and Calf oath” provision that basically says you agree not to make copies. Anyway, scribes are also great because you can make them write the books that you dictate to them; their handwriting is better. If you pair them with an illuminator and a pecum… peca… vellum-maker you can get some mighty bonuses to your library’s Quality.

Craftsmen make the things that your Covenant needs. Depending on the type of craft, this might bring down your living expenses a bit. Having a carpenter means it’s easier to build houses, having a glassmaker is nice if you have beakers everywhere. You probably have beakers everywhere. A really good glassmaker can get you a bonus to your lab totals, which is nice.

Teachers are specialists as well. Pick a subject, they can teach that. It’s pretty easy to find someone who can teach Latin. It’s not really practical to find someone who can teach Magic Theory.

A Turb Captain is, oddly enough, the captain of your turb. They supervise the drilling (I mean if you get a really big turb you can appoint a sergeant but I don’t think you have that big a turb) and meet with the magi to discuss security. I’m giving you 6 free turbs so you can just make one of them captain, he’ll learn Leadership eventually, or you can promote a companion if you want.

An Autocrat heads up the rest of the Covenant staff. In larger Covenants this is devided into two jobs, but I don’t think you’re ready for that just yet. Again, you can just pick someone and hope they figure out the job sooner rather than later, or you can promote a companion.

Priests are awesome. Say you’re having a problem with the covenfolk being lazy. Ask the priest to give a few sermons on the virtue of hard work and BOOM, no more lazy grogs. On the other hand, sometimes priests get fussy. Sometimes they’re all, “hey man, I’ve been reading Leviticus, and I’m not 100% sure that what you’re doing here is cool.” Yeah, priests suck.


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