Experience Basics

Every season, you claim experience that you can use to advance your Arts and Abilities. Generally, all of the experience has to be spent in the same place.

Advancing an Art to level n costs n experience. So it takes 1 XP to gain level 1, 2 more (3 total) for a score of 2, 3 more (6 total) for a score of 3, and so on.

Advancing an Ability to level n costs 5*n experience. It takes 5 XP to gain level 1, 10 more (15 total) for level 2, 15 more (30 total) for level 3, and so on.

Sources of experience have a Quality, which determines the amount of experience that is gained. Some will also have a Limit, which caps the level that can be gained. If you have 10 XP in an Art already and read a Primer (Quality 15, Limit 5) you gain the 5 XP needed to reach level 5 and then stop.

It’s up to you whether it’s going to be easier to track total XP or XP to next level.

Sources of Experience


The rule of thumb is that if you’re doing something productive, you gain exposure experience. exposure always has Quality of 2; you’re really spending your season doing the other thing, and the exposure is a minor benefit. You gain exposure if you’re doing lab work, writing a book, teaching someone else, or copying text. Non-magi characters need to spend a few seasons a year maintaining their lifestyle (2, or 3 if they’re poor or 1 if they’re rich); during these seasons they gain exposure.


Practice Quality ranges from 3-8 depending on a few minor factors. Typically, magi don’t practice, but covenfolk probably will.


Teaching has a Quality depending on the Communication and Teaching Ability of the instructor, which can be further enhanced if the class is small or one-on-one. This has a Limit of the teacher’s score in the Ability being taught.


Reading requires Artes Liberales 1 and an appropriate book. There are two types of books: summae, which have a high Quality but also come with a Limit; and tractati, which are lower Quality but don’t have any Limit. You can read a summa as often as you like, until you hit the Limit; you can only benefit from reading a given tractatus once.


Magi can study Arts by consuming vis. Normally this would mean the vis was broken down in a lab but in some cases it might just mean eating the magical fish to see what happens next.


This is the cheating one. You can earn 5-10 XP while adventuring, and this can be split among any Arts or Abilities that you like. What’s more, you can potentially do this while performing another seasonal activity, if you’re quick — you can usually duck away for a week or so without interrupting your work. So it’s possible to, say, write a book and get more than 2 XP that season, but you have to set it up just right.


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