Current Covenants

Blackthorn — the primary Tremere base on the island, the largest covenant. It was formed with the intention of dominating the Tribunal, and in that it has failed. However, it has had a direct hand in shaping most of the actions of the island so there’s that. These guys are just super dicks. They’ve managed to destroy or absorb several covenants over the years, so their magical resources are vast, but they’re currently held more or less in check. They’re your close neighbors and Seth’s character apprenticed with them, briefly.

Burnham — a reclusive covenant in the northeast. Not all that interesting.

Cad Gadu — another Welsh covenant, the primary site for Ex Miscellanea, and home to the Columbae, the Order’s resident warding specialists. Their name is a medeival poop joke and I love them.

Libellus — another recently-formed covenant. It was intended for PC inhabitants and as such is pretty boring.

Nigrasaxa — see what I just wrote about Libellus? Read it again.

Schola Pythagoranis — the Cambridge covenant. Full of Jerbiton. Dan’s character apprenticed here. They have a really sweet library, but thet don’t like to share unless you’ve got a new book for them.

Semitae — A group of Criamon that may or may not still exist. They’re a wandering covenant, reluctant to work with the rest of the Order, and won’t discuss their history at all.

Ungulus — A tragically overpowered covenant that’s falling into decay.

Voluntas — this is the covenant that stepped up to check Blackthorn’s power once Rosalba was wiped out. If people want political games, they’re going to approach you as an ally. If people don’t want political games they’re going to approach you as an ally and be quietly rebuffed offscreen.

Former Covenants

Rosalba — a former Jerbiton covenant that initially was blocking the power of Blackthorn. 300 years ago, the entire Blackthorn covenant declared simultaneous wizard’s war on the entire Rosalba covenant. They wiped out the Jerbiton but when they attempted to loot the covenant the weakened Trememe were repelled by magical defenses and retreated. The precise location of the covenant has since been lost. So there’s 300-year old magical treasure out there, if anyone wants to bypass some runes.

London — city covenants have a hard enough time, what with the high Dominion aura, but London really seemed to be making it difficult on themselves by constantly moving. The Redcaps haven’t been able to find them for over 200 years. Granted, the Redcaps have lost this covenant before, but never for this long. So it’s probably gone. I wouldn’t worry about it.

Rector Maris/Rector Novus/Servus Maris — various attempts to found covenants on the Isle of Man, none of which lasted more than a year before being destroyed. After the most recent attempt, a single magus was allowed to return, saying a dragon had advised him “don’t come back.” So — lots of magical treasure, guarded by a dragon who has repeatedly proven he is more than a match for a full covenant.


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