Chapel Rock

Proposed covenant Boons/Hooks:

Aura: 3

Defenses: Basic, island

Income: Great (fishing)

Governance: Council
(This refers to how the servants are governed. Council means they elect a few people to rule themselves. We keep a veto over that, though.)

Laboratories: One per player

Workers: 1 grog and 2 other servants/craftsmen/workers per player.

Living Conditions: +2 for mages, +1 for everyone else.
(Living conditions boosts your chances of not suffering when you age and increases servant loyalty.)

Craftsmen: Average quality

Minor Site Boons: Difficult Access, Healthy Feature (sea breeze)
(Tidal islands aren’t THAT difficult to siege. But they would take some effort.)

Minor Site Hooks: Regio, Road
(This assumes our little pocket dimension is unexplored, but not astoundingly hostile. We have Road because of the mundane traffic along the river.)

Minor Resource Boons: Right (fishing), Wealth (fishing)
(A. Our fishing is a legal monopoly, which probably took some unethical mind control. While fishing isn’t an obviously amazing source of income, these fish spend a lot of time in a magic aura. Perhaps they are unusually delicious or produce fish glue that’s especially good for ink in magic books.)

Minor Residents Hook: House Church
(We’ve got a church on the island. Mont and my’s character would probably insist.)

Minor External Relations Boon: Local Ally
(That’s the older brother. He’s helpful!)

Major External Relations Hook: Hermetic Services
(We make something useful for the tribunal at large. Such as the ink.)

Minor External Relations Hooks: Centralized Kingdom, Public Vis Source
(England is specifically noted as being Centralized. Which, compared to the HRE, is fair. One of our vis sources is part of the public record, specifically deeded to us when we set up the covenant.)

Minor Surroundings Hook: Ungarrisoned Castle
(The aforementioned knight has a small castle. There isn’t an army in it, but getting the army is the easy part.)

This leaves us with 4 points left over for boons. And, depending on what we want, increasing the number/severity of the hooks would be easy.

In addition to Hooks and Boons, you will have a number of Covenant points to purchase things like vis supplies and Specialists. I haven’t decided how many points I’m going to give you yet! You’ll have at least enough annual vis to renew your Aegis, and a turb of 6 warriors. You’ll probably want to upgrade that to 8 rather quickly, but that’s easy enough to manage.

Chapel Rock

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