Aura x2 (Minor Boon) — raises the Magic aura to 5.
Difficult Access (Minor Boon) — I’m not sure this is appropriate. The chapel itself is difficult but Beachley isn’t, and the Boon would apply to the entire covenant.
Healthy Feature (Minor Boon) — this can be taken up to twice more. Taking it once would improve base Loyalty again; the third time would just be for the Living Conditions modifier.
Regio (Minor Hook) — as a Minor Hook this means that there is a regio on the covenant grounds and that it hasn’t been fully explored. As a Major Hook it would mean that there are inhabitants that periodically cause trouble. There are death vikings down there but I’m not expecting them to be a long-term recurring problem so I think Minor is appropriate here.
Road (Minor Hook) — there’s a decent amount of travel between Beachley and Aust.


Island (Free Choice)


Hidden Resources xX (Minor Boon) — each purchase here grants 250 Build Points that need a Story to find.
Right (Minor Boon) — the covenant has the rights to fish the Severn and the Wye. They may or may not have rights to mine the forest, but they probably don’t, and no one is really respecting forest rights at the moment.
Secondary Income (Minor Boon) — the iron and limestone mines in the Forest of Dean.


Sailors (Free Choice)
House Church (Minor Hook)

External Relations

Local Ally (Minor Boon) — Heirocles’ brother.
Hermetic Services (Major Hook)


N/A — you could try for Pilgrimage Site but honestly not that many people go out of their way to visit St. Tecla.


Unknown (Minor Hook) — don’t worry about it. I’m sure it won’t come up.


Boons — 7 points (no hidden resources)
Hooks — 7 points


The Chapel Rock Campaign fencingmonkey