Talion of Flambeau is the praeco (leader) of the tribunal. He’s quite old and is near enough to Final Twilight that he’s very careful about how and when he uses magic.

Iudicium of Guernicus is the tribunal’s senior quaesitor. Between the two of them, Talion and Iudicium have managed to dominate the tribunal’s politics, provided they can get a quorate assembly.

Golias of Tytalus is mysterious but politically adept.

Goliard of Tremere is, to all appearances, the true power of the covenant. Her parens, Flumen, trapped the Wild Hunt in a cave near Blackthorn in 1154. She is, by this point, probably more powerful than he was.

Fornax filia Goliard and Prelum filia Goliard are both recently gauntleted apprentices, taken one after the other. As is Tremere custom, Goliard retains their voting sigil and thus controls their votes at tribunals.


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